Australian International Experimental Film Festival

bringing quality experimental film and video from all over the world to Australia

A.I.E.F.F. Regulations and Conditions


A.I.E.F.F. is exclusively interested in screening experimental film, video and expanded cinema work.  Those works that principally fall into genres other than experimental should not be submitted. 

Music and dance films/videos will not be considered. 

Works that have been publicly exhibited by way of the internet will be considered however, depending on saturation of the work online, the possibility for selection may be reduced. Works that have been publicly exhibited in Melbourne or Victoria or Perth or Western Australia in the previous ten years will not be considered for the Melbourne or Perth screenings but may be included for programming, with the permission from the entrant, if A.I.E.F.F. screens elsewhere.

Submitting artists must hold the final edit and copyright control of any work submitted.

Exhibition formats:

A.I.E.F.F. will be screening works on the following formats only:

16mm, Super 8 and digital video (format accepted is PAL quicktime H.264, .dv, .mov, or .mp4 files at a resolution of 16:9 (1024x576 or 1280x720) or 4:3 (768x576) – please ensure that the resolution is manually allocated and not allowed by default).

A.I.E.F.F. WILL NOT ACCEPT AUTHORED DVDs FOR PREVIEW OR EXHIBITION.(It is the entrants responsibility to ensure the correct format is sent.)

Arrangements can also be made for the requirements of expanded cinema pieces.

All video works selected will screen from PAL quicktime files (as outlined above). The A.I.E.F.F. will NOT screen from DVD. The A.I.E.F.F. will accept PAL mini-dv tape but will transfer to a digital quicktime file for screening purposes. The A.I.E.F.F. will accept NTSC digital quicktime files but will convert to a PAL quicktime file for screening purposes (it is recommended that previous to submission the entrant converts from NTSC to PAL to ensure that the transfer keeps the integrity of aesthetic value of the work that the artist intends).

If written or spoken language other than English is integral to your work, please supply it with appropriate subtitles in English.

Submission/preview formats:

Video previews will be accepted only in either NTSC (29.9/30 fps) or PAL (25fps) quicktime saved as a data file on DVD or USB stick (see above for quicktime file types accepted). Works that exist as a file larger than the storage data amount allowed can be submitted in part form over multiple storage devices or as a 'for preview only' small file.

Expanded cinema work must provide a 'top to tail' explanation of the performance along with the quicktime files of the film/video component of the piece and video documentation of a previous performance of the work (if available but highly recommended).

A.I.E.F.F. WILL NOT ACCEPT AUTHORED DVDs FOR PREVIEW OR EXHIBITION.(It is the entrants responsibility to ensure that the correct format is sent.)

If the preview or screening format submitted fails to meet the format criteria, the Australian International Experimental Film Festival reserves the right to not preview and/or not screen the entrants work.

Please be advised the preview must be the final edit and work selected re-edited for the final screening copy supplied will not be screened as that re-edited version but as the original edit previewed and selected if of screening quality.

A.I.E.F.F. has an entry fee of AU$12 (per submission), payable via Paypal with links to this provided once the online entry form has been submitted. Fees will be allocated to cover the costs of the day-to-day administration and the promotion the Festival. If the entry fee is not paid the work will not be considered for inclusion in the festival. Please note, A.I.E.F.F. is run entirely by volunteers who give hundreds of hours each year to ensure its success.


Submission package should include the following:

  • NTSC or PAL quicktime saved as a data file on DVD or USB stick, clearly labeled with title, artist’s name, running time and format (ntsc/pal) and packed in a paper cardboard sleeve only or similar – no hard cases please.
  • A completed A.I.E.F.F. submission form signed and dated.

Do not send hard copy or electronic press kits, images or other publicity material (other than that requested).

Packaging should be in the form of a stiff mailer (or alternatively two cardboard sheets). Do NOT use bubble wrap, packing popcorn or fibre-filled mailers.

Submission package must be marked 'For Cultural Use Only. No Commercial Value'.

A.I.E.F.F. will not pay for custom charges, duties or shipping on any entry preview or screening copy, and reserves the right to refuse to do so if requested.

Preview and exhibition digital material will not be returned and will remain the property of A.I.E.F.F.*. If sending 16mm, 8mm, or Super-8 film for exhibition, the film reels will be returned to the entrant via normal registered post**.


*While A.I.E.F.F. retains the digital data files for archival purposes, the copyright on all works remain with the artist and permission will be sought prior to any possible future public screening of any work held in the archive.

**A.I.E.F.F. will cannot be responsible for the cost of return shipment and while all effort will be made to help reduce the cost of return shipment A.I.E.F.F. cannot gaurantee the full cost will be met.

Closing date for entry is 24th February 2014 (postmarked).

mail to:

PO Box 233,
Western Australia, 6902

Permission :

The entrant’s signature on the submission form indicates agreement to the following:

  • In submitting their work to the A.I.E.F.F. for selection the entrant gives permission for the festival to screen it over the course of the festival. Those entrants that are successful in selection will be notified previous to the festival screenings of exact dates and times that their work will be screened.
  • If selected, the entrant will, if not already supplied, provide an exhibition copy of their film or video, including other supporting material if requested to do so, by the 1st of April 2013. Failure to meet this deadline may result in the work being removed from the programme.
  • The entrant is the legal owner of the work and that any copyrighted materials included in the work have been legally cleared for use.
  • The entrant is liable for any expenses resulting from any claims arising from the exhibition of the work.
  • All shipping costs will be the responsibility of the entrant.
  • All NTSC and PAL quicktime data files submitted will remain in the possession of A.I.E.F.F. for archival purposes.

Artists whose work is selected for inclusion in the festival will be notified approximately six weeks before the festival's screening dates.


Every precaution will be exercised in handling entries, but neither A.I.E.F.F., its organizers, or volunteers can assume responsibility for damage to, or loss of, material submitted.

A.I.E.F.F. reserves the right to alter its timetable or any other information pertaining to its activities